Local Buying Tips

Some of the more common mistakes  home buyers have a tendency to make, can be avoided.

 Mistake #1 - Quite often buyers don't ask enough questions.  Don't be afraid to ask your agent or your lender if you don't understand details of your transaction. Real estate transactions are complex and are very involved. That is why it is always recomended to work with a professional. Your agent and lender  they are both working to help you achieve your goals, and will try to keep matters clear, but if there are certain terms or aspects that that don't make sense, please let them know whenever you need additional help and further explainations.

Mistake #2 - The buyer fails to think about re-sale value, before they buy.  The average first time home buyer only stays in a home for about 4 years. When the time comes for you to sell the home you plan on buying now, will people find  lots of positive  things about the property, or are there things that may be perceived by some as strong negatives. You've probably heard the expression "LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION" ...That's not just bunk! There are lots of  things that sellers can control when it comes time to market their home for sale, but LOCATION is one thing that can't be changed.  Think ahead to what it will be like for you, as the seller's of the property you are buying,...will somebody want to buy it from you?

Mistake #3 - Buyers don't act quickly enough when making their buying decision.  Buying a home is a big decision so it is natural to feel some trepidation about moving forward with your selection and making the contractural committment to the house of your choice.  But remember, while you are pondering your thoughts, someone else could be making an offer of their own on the home you have fallen in love with. At best, you could find your self in a multiple bidding situation, which can lead to quickly escalating  sales prices, and at worst you could find yourself having missed the boat completely, on getting that particular house, finding yourself starting up your home search all over again.   Buyers need to trust their own instincts because by the time you have found the home of your choice, you have more than likely viewed enough other properties to really know, that this is what you want.  Now you just have to act on the desire in a positive and assertive way to make it happen. ( Which leads us to Common Mistake #4)

Mistake #4 - Buyers forget to make their offer look good to the seller.  It is important to remember that everybody wants a win, and the more flexible you are in giving something of benefit to the seller, the more flexible the seller will likely be, when negotiation to your benefit as well.